Reporting maltreatment

A REPORT means a statement concerning all the circumstances known to the reporter at the time the statement is made surrounding the alleged or suspected maltreatment of a vulnerable adult.

It starts with a phone call: A smiley face with a cordless phone making a call to report maltreatment

A mandated reporter who has reason to believe that a vulnerable adult is being or has been maltreated, or who has knowledge that a vulnerable adult has sustained a physical injury which is not reasonably explained shall immediately (as soon as possible, but within 24 hours) make an oral report of the information to the Common Entry Point.

Note: Use of a telecommunications device for the deaf or other similar devices shall be considered an oral report.

Complete and use the Mandated Reporting Policy for Vulnerable Adults form below so you have the exact information and contact persons at your fingertips.

Mandated Reporting Policy for Vulnerable Adults Form PDF

Information needed

Information that will be helpful to have on hand when making a report includes:

  • Name, age and address of the vulnerable adult
  • Your name and contact information (are you calling on the behalf of a facility or personally making the complaint)
  • Brief description of the situation and the vulnerable adult
  • Any evidence of previous maltreatment
  • Location of the incident and any other information that you believe might be helpful in investigating the suspected maltreatment
  • Current injuries, medical problems, or behavioral problems
  • Names of relatives or concerned parties in or outside the home
  • Name and address of alleged perpetrator
  • Explain how you know about the situation, your relationship to the vulnerable adult

Minnesota Department of Health Special Instructions Link MDH Special Instructions

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