Minnesota Child Welfare Training System

Our mission is to provide competency-based training for Minnesota counties and tribes. We promote culturally responsive services rooted in strengths-based, family-centered best practices that support child safety, permanency and well-being. We also provide high-quality, trauma-informed training for social workers, resource families, and supervisors to support the continuous improvement of services to and outcomes for children and families in Minnesota.

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For General Questions about the Minnesota Child Welfare Training System?

Contact Andrea Bartels at 651-431-4681 or andrea.bartels@state.mn.us

Northstar Care for Children Training

Northstar Care for Children consolidates and simplifies family foster care, Kinship Assistance and Adoption Assistance. This fall, four separate Northstar Care for Children courses are being offered: Overview, Child Welfare Supervision, Child Foster Care Licensing, and Permanency. Register for one or more courses to learn about how Northstar will improve permanency outcomes, particularly for older children, and how this program changes  practice.

If you have questions or concerns, or are in need of additional information, please contact Cynthia Shypulski at 651-431-4791, or cynthia.shypulski@state.mn.us.

Northstar Care for Children: trainings are available on iLinc

To Access an iLinc Recording:

1. Click on iLinc

2. Click on the Public Sessions tab.

3. Click on the Join tab.

4. Find training name

5. Click on the Open button for that session: it will open in a new window.

Northstar Training PP handouts

Northstar Care: Overview 340A (PDF)

Northstar Care: Supervisor 340B (PDF)

Northstar Care: Licensing 340C (PDF)

Northstar Care: Permanency 340D (PDF)

MAPCY December 2014 VPC PP Handout (PDF)

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