Family Support Grant (FSG) Program


The Family Support Grant program provides state cash grants to families of children with certified disabilities. The goal of the program is to prevent or delay the out-of-home placement of children with disabilities and promote family health and social well-being by facilitating access to family-centered services and supports.

Who is eligible for the Family Support Grant?

  • • Children currently residing in a licensed residential facility who would return to their family home if a grant was awarded are also eligible
  • • Families of children with a certified disability, under age 21 years, living in their biological or adoptive home
  • As of Jan. 1, 2012, families with an annual adjusted gross income of $93,611 or less are eligible for the FSG Program except in cases where extreme hardship is demonstrated. Considerations may include size of the family, presence of a disability in other family members and substantial debt due to the child's disability.

    Children who are on a Brain Injury, Community Alternative Care or Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals waiver can receive a Family Support Grant if they meet the eligibility criteria for the grant.

    Currently, families receiving home and community-based waiver services for persons with developmental disabilities (DD Waiver) are NOT eligible for the Family Support Grant. A family receiving services under the DD Waiver may apply for a Family Support Grant. However, if a grant becomes available to the family and they choose to participate in the program, they must discontinue receiving services under the DD Waiver.

    How do families receive the Family Support Grant?

    FSG program funds may be issued to families by counties in the form of cash, voucher or direct county payment to a vendor. Grants may be awarded on a one-time or on an on-going basis.

    How much can a family receive?

    The amount of the Family Support Grant award is based on individual needs. Grants may not exceed $2,936 per calendar year for each eligible child. Grants may be awarded on a one-time or on an on-going basis.

    How can the grant be used?

    These grants offset the higher than average expenses directly related to a child’s disability.

    Examples of allowable expense categories include:

  • • Computers
  • • Medical services
  • • Medications
  • • Respite care
  • • Specialized clothing
  • • Specialized dietary needs
  • • Specialized equipment (may include home or vehicle medications)
  • • Transportation
  • The Family Support Grant may not be used for purchases covered by other funding sources, such as private insurance and Medical Assistance.

    How can families apply for the Family Support Grant?

    Applications for the Family Support Grant program can be made at your local county social service agency. The administration of this program is through the county. Families should contact their county case manager with any questions about the Family Support Grant. For more information, contact your local county agency (PDF).

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