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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2017

Approve child care assistance for MFIP recipients in authorized activities in an Employment Plan based on thehours of activity participation included in the Employment Plan. If the number of hours is not specified, do not authorize more hours than the activity requires and is needed for the child. Include travel time in the authorized hours. Never authorize more than 120 hours per two week period, per child. See Chapter 9.1.5 (Authorizing care – Employment Plans).

Families may be involved in a combination of activities.

Authorized activities outside of an Employment Plan

Treat the following activities outside of an Employment Plan as authorized activities:

  • · At application and redetermination, job search up to 240 hours per calendar year per participant, not to exceed 40 hours per biweekly period. Job search includes locating and contacting potential employers, preparing for interviews, interviewing, and up to two hours travel time per day as needed. See Chapter 9.1.4 (Authorizing Care – Job Search).
  • · Financial and employment services orientations and assessments.
  • · Appeals and hearings for cash assistance.
  • · Employment.
  • - At application and redetermination, the employment must meet the minimum requirements of at least an average of 20 hours per week, or 10 hours per week if a full-time student, and earning at least the applicable minimum wage. The full-time student status needs to be verified.
  • - During the 12 month eligibility period, the minimum requirements do not need to be met.
  • Education is NOT an authorized activity outside of an Employment Plan.

    Authorized activities in an approved Employment Plan

    Authorize child care assistance for any activity included in the Employment Plan of an MFIP/DWP participant.

    Treat the following as authorized activities when included in an approved Employment Plan:

  • · Employment Services overviews and assessments.
  • · Social service and pre-employment activities.
  • · Appeals and hearings.
  • · Job search as identified in the Employment Plan.
  • · Participation in work as identified in the Employment Plan.
  • · Participation in training/education, using actual time in class and study time, as identified in the Employment Plan. This includes baccalaureate, advanced degrees, and post baccalaureate.
  • Exceptions

    Do not authorize care for the following activities:

  • · Political activities done for political purposes when the act is done to influence voting as in a primary or other election. This applies to any paid, unpaid, or subsidized private sector or public sector position. These activities are not countable Employment Plan activities and care should not be authorized to support them.
  • · Licensed family child care providers and their employees and legal nonlicensed child care providers and their employees are NOT eligible to receive child care subsidies for their own children or children in their family during the hours they are providing child care or being paid to provide child care. See Chapter 9.15.21 (Children of child care providers).
  • Changes to an Employment Plan (EP) during the 12 month eligibility period

    Whether a change in activity participation will impact a family’s case depends on their reporting type. See Chapter 8.3.6 (Reporting types) for more information about determining a family’s reporting type.

    If Employment Plan activity hours increase, increase authorized hours when:

  • · The job counselor informs the CCAP worker that additional days and times of child care are needed; OR
  • · The family submits verification of their activity schedule showing a need for more hours than currently authorized.
  • If Employment Plan activity hours decrease:

  • · For 12 Month Reporters, do not change the authorization.
  • · For Schedule Reporters, adjust the Service Authorization. Authorized hours can decrease based on the need for care.
  • Families participating in Family Stabilization Services (FSS)

    Families participating in Family Stabilization Services (FSS) are eligible for child care according to the same rules and guidelines as otherMFIP recipients. Child care is available for activities included in an FSS Employmenbt Plan.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.011
    Minnesota Statutes 256J
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040 and 3400.0080

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