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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 02/2018

Your agency must approve a student’s education or training program prior to authorizing child care assistance for education under Transiton Year (TY). The criteria for approving education or training programs is included in each agency’s County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plan, using the same process for education plans under the Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) program. In general:

  • · Education or training programs must reasonably lead to full-time employment opportunities as determined by the agency.
  • · Students must maintain satisfactory progress in the education or training program.
  • · Your agency must approve any changes in education and training programs prior to the change being made.
  • Documentation of the approval of the education or training program must be included in the case file. Documentation may include an agency form showing approval, written communication such as an email indicating approval, or a case note stating that the education or training program has been approved.

    After an education plan is approved it cannot be terminated during the family’s 12 month eligibility period. See Chapter 8 (12 Month Eligibility Period). At redetermination, the only allowed reason to terminate approval for a family’s education plan is if the parent is not meeting satisfactory progress as determined by the school.

    High school diploma and GED high school equivalency diploma

    Do not apply specific time limits if the student is maintaining satisfactory progress as determined by the institution.

    Basic or remedial education

    Remedial or basic skills courses include Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language.

    Do not apply specific time limits if the student is maintaining satisfactory progress as determined by the institution.

    Post-secondary programs

    Post-secondary programs can include many different types of education programs. Examples include associate degrees, bachelor degrees, certificate programs, and technical degrees.

    Do not apply more restrictive time limits for the student than those established by the educational institution. Do not authorize child care for more than the time necessary for a part-time or full-time student to complete the requirements the institution determines necessary for the degree. Require the student to provide documentation from the institution regarding credits and hours needed to complete the program.

    Post baccalaureate education

    Post baccalaureate education includes education programs beyond a bachelor’s degree, such as a Master’s program. Do not approve a training plan for a second bachelor’s degree or for education beyond a bachelor’s degree except for continuing education units,certification or coursework needed to update credentials to obtain or retain employment.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.10, subd. 3
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040

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