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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.1.3 Changes in Household Composition

ISSUE DATE: 02/2018

New Parentally Responsible Individual (PRI)

Household impacts

If a new PRI is reported, add them to the household in MEC². MEC² will count PRIs added to the household even if identity and relationship information is not verified. This is appropriate.

If the new PRI does not have income, the increased family size may decrease the family’s copay. This is appropriate and the new copay can be approved even if identity and relationship information is not verified.

Enter information about the PRI’s reported activity into MEC² even if it is not verified. Verification is not required until redetermination. If the new PRI does not have an authorized activity or it is unknown if the PRI has an authorized activity, put the PRI into Extended Eligibility. See CCAP Manual 9.15.6 (Extended Eligibility).

Authorization impacts

Do not authorize care for new children or increase child care authorizations for mutual children until all eligibility factors for the PRI have been verified.

New child

Household impacts

If a new child is reported, add them to the case in MEC² even if identity, birthdate and citizenship/immigration status are not verified. MEC² will not count them in the household until their identity and birthdate have been verified. They will be added to the family size even if their citizenship or immigration status is not verified but not eligible for CCAP. This is appropriate.

Authorization impacts

Do not authorize care for children until their identity, birthdate, citizenship/immigration status and relationship to their PRI(s) are verified. MEC² will not prevent you from authorizing care before relationship to PRI is verified. Workers must confirm that all eligibility factors are verified before increasing the family’s benefits.

New non-household member

No verification is required for people that enter the home that are not part of the CCAP family. See Chapter 2 (Glossary) for the definition of family.

CCAP family member leaves

Household impacts

When a member leaves, process the change. Verification is not required unless inconsistent information was received. Evaluate income changes that occur as a result of household size changes according to Chapter 8.1.12 (Changes in income or expenses). Workers can send Child Support Enforcement forms to the family but cooperation is not required until the family’s next redetermination. See Chapter 4.9 (Cooperation with Child Support).

Authorization impacts

Evaluate whether the member leaving impacts Service Authorizations for children in the household and process changes if necessary. For example, if the member was a PRI, authorized hours may need to increase due to there not being an overlap in PRI schedules. If the member was a child, the Service Authorization may need to end.

Legal authority

Minnesota Statutes 119B.025

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