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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.12.1 Excluded Time Facilities

ISSUE DATE: 07/2017

An excluded time facility is a type of living arrangement which affects the determination of state residence and the county of financial responsibility. Examples include, but are not limited to, halfway house, foster home, battered women’s shelter, treatment program or rehabilitation facility.

The financially responsible county for a person who lives in an excluded time facility or receives excluded time services is the county in which he/she lived, in non-excluded time status, immediately before entering an excluded time facility. For example, a person lives in County A, directly enters a facility in County B, then transfers to a facility in County C. County A remains financially responsible.

If a person enters an excluded time facility or begins to receive excluded time services during the two-months of Unitary Residency, do not transfer responsibility until the person is in non-excluded time status for two full calendar months. Transfer responsibility on the first of the month after the second full calendar month the person is in non-excluded time status.

If a person leaves an excluded time facility and remains in the facility's county, delay transfer of responsibility until the person lives in non-excluded time status for two full calendar months.

If a person who is not a Minnesota resident, moves to Minnesota and directly enters an excluded time facility, the county of financial responsibility is the county where he/she signed the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Application (DHS-3550-ENG) if:

  • · They have lived only in excluded time facilities in Minnesota AND
  • · They left an excluded time facility to live in Minnesota.
  • Families residing in excluded time facilities may only need to verify their county of residence and a mailing address if the physical location of the excluded time facility is private for safety reasons. See Chapter 7.3 (Verification – Initial Application).

    Legal Authority

    Minnesota Statutes 256G.02

    Minnesota Statutes 256G.03

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