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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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9.33 Care for Sick Children

ISSUE DATE: 07/2013

Sick child care is a child care service provided to children who cannot attend the family’s regular child care provider, as a result of illness. The county agency may make payments for sick child care, in addition to making payments to the regular child care provider during illness if identified in the County Child Care Plan. 120 hour limits apply. See §9.1(Child Care Authorization).

Your agency has the option of assisting participants with sick child care. If your county makes payments for sick child care that exceed the county maximum rate, sick child care payments must be at a rate comparable to like care arrangements in your county. Your agency may complete a survey of all providers who care for sick children in the county to determine the appropriate rate.

Your agency’s County Child Care Plan will indicate if this option is available in your county. The county’s sick child care policy and rate shall be included in the County Child Care Plan.


Minnesota Rules 3400.0110 Subp. 8

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