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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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9.36 Care During Medical Leaves of Absence

ISSUE DATE: 12/2015

You must authorize child care assistance during a participant’s medical leave of absence from employment or education, if the following conditions are met:

The participant is incapable of providing child care during the medical leave of absence.


The participant is expected to return to employment or an approved education or training program within 90 calendar days after leaving the activity.


The inability of the participant to provide child care and the necessity of the medical leave is documented by a physician or licensed psychologist.


The amount of child care during the medical leave does not exceed the equivalent of 1 month of full-time care (50 hours x 4.3 weeks = 215 hours).

A single parent working less than 20 hours per week due to temporary illness, and meets the criteria listed above is eligible for child care during the medical leave.

Care can be authorized for limited work availability and also for parent medical leave.

Child care would be authorized during employment hours. This care would not apply toward the 215 hours of care allowed for parent medical leave.

The Child Care Assistance Program Parent Medical Condition Form (PDF) (DHS-6305) can be used to verify that a parent or other parentally responsible individual (PRI) in the household has a medical condition and is unable to provide care for their child(ren).


Minnesota Rules 3400.0110 Subp. 10

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