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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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11.6 Certified License Exempt Centers

ISSUE DATE: 10/2018

Certified license exempt centers

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has the authority to certify license exempt centers. When a license exempt center is certified, it means that the center meets the federal requirements for receiving child care assistance.

Registering a new license exempt center

To register for CCAP for the first time, a license exempt center must be certified and include their certification number on their provider registration form. Agencies can confirm the program’s certification status by searching the certification number on DHS Licensing Information Lookup.

Renewing a license exempt center’s registration

Do not require a currently registered license exempt center or center renewing their registration with a gap of less than 30 days to be certified unless the department tells you that the center must be certified to receive future child care assistance payments.

Registration process

Require a certified license exempt center to register with your agency. Register each certified license exempt program separately. A site may operate programs that fall under different license exemptions and each needs to be certified. Register each of these certified programs separately. See Chapter 11.12 (Provider Registration).

License exempt centers that can be registered as CCAP providers include certified providers that provide programming under one of the following license exemptions:

  • · Recreation programs for children operated or approved by a park and recreation board whose primary purpose is to provide social and recreational activities
  • · Programs operated by a school, YMCA, YWCA or Jewish Community Center (JCC) whose primary purpose is to provide child care or services to school age children
  • · Programs operated by a public school for children 33 months or older
  • · Camps licensed by the Department of Health under Minnesota Rules, chapter 4630
  • · Head Start and nonresidential programs that operate for less than 45 days in a calendar year
  • · Programs for children such as scouting, boys and girls clubs, sports and art programs and nonresidential programs for children provided for a cumulative total of less than 30 days in any 12 month period
  • · A program serving only children who are age 33 months or older, that is operated by a nonpublic school, for no more than four hours per day per child, with no more than 20 children at any one time, and that is accredited by:
  • I. an accrediting agency that is formally recognized by the commissioner of education as a nonpublic school accrediting organization OR
  • II. an accrediting agency that requires background studies and that receives and investigates complaints about the services provided.
  • Payments to license exempt centers

    Pay license exempt centers at the same rate as licensed centers in the same age category.

    Centers not licensed by the state of Minnesota Department of Human Services

    Programs licensed by another agency such as a tribal nation or another state should be registered as a licensed program. See Chapter 11.3 (Licensed Child Care Providers).

    License exempt centers that cannot be registered as CCAP providers

    All license exempt centers must be certified to register for CCAP. Some programs may attempt to register for CCAP that are not eligible for certification or authorization as a CCAP provider.

    License exempt centers operated by nonprofits for school age students

    License exempt centers operated by a nonprofit organization that serve youth in kindergarten through grade 12, provide structured, supervised youth development activities, and have learning opportunities take place before or after school, on weekends, or during the summer or other seasonal breaks in the school calendar, are exempt from licensure under Minnesota Statutes 245A.03, subdivision 2 (a) (27). Programs that are exempt from licensure under this law are not eligible to receive payment for services from the Child Care Assistance Program unless they become licensed. These programs cannot be certified.

    Non-licensed programs providing non-child care services

    Programs providing services to children and youth that are not licensed or exempt from licensing under Minnesota Statute 245A.03 are not providing child care services. Programs not providing child care services are not eligible to receive payment from the Child Care Assistance Program. These programs include private programs offering K-12 education services as defined under Minnesota Statutes 120-129C.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 245A.03, Subd. 2
    Minnesota Statutes 245H
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.011, Subd. 19

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