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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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11.9.3 Complaints against LNL Providers

ISSUE DATE: 10/2018

Report immediately—no more than 24 hours—after receiving a complaint from a family concerning the health or safety of children under the care of a legal nonlicensed (LNL) provider.

Report the complaint to:

  • · Your county or tribe’s child protection agency if the participant alleges child maltreatment. Maltreatment is:
  • - Physical abuse
  • - Neglect
  • - Sexual abuse
  • - Mental injury
  • - Threatened injury.
  • · Your county or tribe’s public health agency if the participant alleges danger to public health due to:
  • - Communicable disease
  • - Unsafe water supply
  • - Sewage or waste disposal
  • - Building structures.
  • · Your local law enforcement if the participant alleges criminal activity that may endanger the health or safety of children under care
  • · Other agencies with jurisdiction to investigate complaints relating to the health and safety of a child.
  • Refer to Minnesota Statutes section 626.556 for more specific information, definitions and procedures regarding alleged maltreatment.

    If the allegations of child maltreatment are substantiated, keep a record of the complaint for 10 years.

    If the other types of allegations are substantiated, keep a record of the complaint for four years.

    When you are notified that a complaint has been substantiated, determine:

  • · If there is an imminent risk to children in care
  • · If the situation meets your agency’s definition of unsafe care as defined in your County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plan, or
  • · If the complaint meets provisions your agency enforces under provider compliance policies.
  • If the substantiated situation meets one of these criteria, do not pay child care assistance to that provider unless the conditions underlying the complaint have been corrected. Close the provider’s registration. See Chapter 12.6.9 (Termination Notices – Provider).

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statute 626.556

    Minnesota Statute 119B.13, Subd 6(d)

    Minnesota Rules 3400.0140 Subp. 6

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