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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 05/2013

This chapter outlines programs available to help people in emergency situations. It lists EGA (Emergency General Assistance) as a separate program. This chapter lists Expedited Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program under SNAP and emergency provisions for Group Residential Housing under GRH.

Specific program provisions dealing with emergencies are in 0004.01 (Emergencies - Program Provisions). Eligibility requirements for emergency programs are in 0004.03 (Emergency Aid Eligibility - Cash Assistance), 0004.04 (Emergency Aid Eligibility - SNAP/Expedited Food).

Determine a client’s need for emergency aid or expedited services during the client’s initial contact with the county agency. If a client’s need for emergency or expedited services arises after the initial contact, begin using the emergency processing deadlines from the date of discovery. See 0004.06 (Emergencies - 1st Month Processing), 0004.09 (Emergencies - 2nd and 3rd Month Processing).

Verification requirements in emergency situations may differ from those for normal application situations. See 0004.12 (Verification Requirements for Emergency Aid).

For appeals for emergency programs, follow provisions in 0027 (Appeals).

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