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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

See 0004.06 (Emergencies - 1st Month Processing) to determine when units get expedited food portion or a SNAP case needs to be opened. If the unit can get expedited food portion and is destitute, see 0004.48 (Destitute Units - Migrant/Seasonal Farmworker), follow the SNAP provisions below.


No provisions.


When determining eligibility and benefit levels for destitute units for the application month, consider only income received between the 1st of that month and the date of application. Disregard any future income the unit will receive that month from a new source.

At recertification, disregard income from a new source in the 1st month of the new certification period if the unit will not receive more than $25 from the new source by the 10th calendar day after the date of the unit’s normal issuance cycle. When determining eligibility for a destitute unit, treat a unit which received SNAP in another state during the month of application the same as a unit being recertified. Begin counting the 10 days with the 1st day of the month after the month they applied in Minnesota.

For additional information on budgeting income prospectively for destitute units, see 0022.03 (How and When to Use Prospective Budgeting).

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