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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 11/2009

All provisions in this section also apply to people completing a Minnesota Transition Application Form (DHS-5223E) (PDF) (MTAF). See 0005.10 (Minnesota Transition Application Form (MTAF)).

Counties must have financial workers available during office hours to answer questions about programs, eligibility requirements, and how to apply for assistance. See 0003 (Client Responsibilities and Rights), 0005.12 (Accepting and Processing Applications). Counties must have applications available to anyone who requests one.

As a service to clients, counties may offer after hours assistance for emergencies and/or working clients. See 0004 (Emergencies).

Refer people to social services if they request help with family problems or family planning.

When people contact the county agency in person, by phone or in writing, the county agency must:

Identify a request for assistance.

Clients may ask you to predict eligibility. If so, see 0005.03.03 (Predicting Eligibility).

Ask people if they have an emergency need. See 0004 (Emergencies).

Provide information on the kinds of assistance and help available through the community and through your agency.

Tell people of the right to file an application or MTAF, and where to file it. See 0005.12 (Accepting and Processing Applications), 0003.09 (Client Rights).

Tell people the effects of a delay in filing an application or MTAF. See 0005.12.09 (Date of Application), 0022.12.03 (Proration).

Offer people the opportunity to pick up an application or MTAF in person and submit a completed application and/or CAF page number 1 or MTAF the same day. Inform clients that they may submit the application or MTAF in person, by an authorized representative, by fax or by mail. The date the agency receives the signed page number 1 of the CAF or MTAF sets the date of application.

Mail the application packet or MTAF the same day a client makes a phone or mail request. Explain to them they might lose benefits due to proration. Stress that it may be to their advantage to pick up and return the application or MTAF in person.

For information on what forms to include in the application packet or MTAF, see 0005.12.12.01 (Forms/Handouts for Applicants).

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