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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

EXCEPT for situations listed in 0005.09.06 (When Not to Require Completion of an Application), require clients to complete an application in the following situations:

To make an assistance request.

To request another category of assistance (SNAP or cash assistance) after the previous application has been acted on, or 30 days have lapsed since the application date, whichever occurs first. For example, a SNAP participant requests cash assistance. See 0005.12.12 (Application Interviews).

At recertification. See 0009.06.03 (Recertification Processing Standards).

When eligibility exists for a different type of cash assistance program after you have acted on a previous application. For example, an MFIP participant loses eligibility and requests GA.

Non-citizens who receive MSA and will lose those benefits because of SSI termination due to expiration of the SSI time limit need only complete page number 1 of the CAF to request GA.

When the client is not Person 01 on MAXIS, leaves the unit and applies for assistance. See 0008.06.09 (Removing a Person From the Unit).

When Person 01 on MAXIS leaves the unit or dies and another household member wants to apply for assistance.

When requesting cash assistance or SNAP after submitting an ApplyMN application for Child Care Assistance Programs. See 0005.09.06 (When Not to Require Completion of an Application).

Also see 0005.09 (Combined Application Form (CAF)), 0005.09.09 (When to Use an Addendum to an Application), 0005.12.03 (What Is a Complete Application).


Follow general provisions.

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