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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 05/2018

No provisions.


A delay caused by the applicant means the agency has met the responsibilities listed in 0005.12.15.06 (Determining Who Caused the Delay) and the unit has not completed the application process within 30 days after the date of application.

If the delay in the 1st 30 days is the applicant's fault AND an interview was completed in the 1st 30 day period:

Deny the application, but allow the applicant another 30 days to complete the application process. Send the applicant a denial notice as specified in 0026.15 (Notice of Denial, Termination, or Suspension).

If the applicant household completes the application process during the 2nd 30-day period, open the case. Do not require a new application. Prorate benefits from the date the unit takes the required action.

If the applicant fails to complete the application process within the 2nd 30-day period, the denial notice issued previously is in force and no additional action is required by the county agency.

See 0005.12.15.12 (Delays Caused by the Agency), 0005.12.15.15 (Delays Caused by the Agency and Applicant).

If the delay in the 1st 30 days is the applicant’s fault because the applicant missed the initial interview:

Issue a Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI) to inform the applicant household of its responsibility to schedule another interview date. See TEMP Manual TE02.05.15 (Notice of Interview/Missed Interview (NOMI)).

If after issuing the NOMI, the applicant household fails to make subsequent contact with the agency, deny the application on the 30th day.

If the applicant household contacts the agency after the denial, a new application must be filed.

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