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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 07/2012

EXCEPT for the SNAP program, residency determines which county or state is responsible for the cost of a client's benefits. Counties are not responsible for the cost of a client's SNAP benefits. However, counties must issue food benefits to clients in their county. See 0011.06 (State Residence), 0011.09 (County Residence).

When another state places a person in a Minnesota facility, that state remains financially responsible throughout the person's placement. See 0011.06 (State Residence), 0011.06.06 (State Residence - Interstate Placements).

Minnesota is financially responsible for Minnesota residents placed in out-of-state facilities. See 0011.06.06 (State Residence - Interstate Placements).

The Minnesota county of financial responsibility is the county where the client resides at the time of application.

If a client applies for an emergency in a county other than the county where the client resides, refer the application to the county where the client resides. See 0005.12 (Accepting and Processing Applications). This includes clients living in excluded time facilities.

For information on financial responsibility when applicants move during the application process, see 0006.03 (Initial Application). For information on participants who move to another county, see 0006.06 (Moving Between Counties - Participants).

See 0006.09 (Moving Between Counties - Minor Children) for information on children who move to another county to live with a different caregiver.

When a 2 caregiver unit splits and 1 caregiver and a child move to another county, see 0006.09 (Moving Between Counties - Minor Children).

If more than 1 county has financial responsibility for members of a newly created assistance unit, see 0006.15 (Multiple County Financial Responsibility).

See 0006.18.03 (Excluded Time - Entering), 0006.18.06 (Excluded Time - Leaving) to determine which county is financially responsible when a client enters or leaves an excluded time facility.

For information on how to transfer financial responsibility between counties and resolve financial responsibility disputes, see 0006.21 (Transferring Responsibility - Old County), 0006.24 (Transferring Responsibility - New County), 0006.27 (County Financial Responsibility Disputes).

To transfer case servicing for participants who move between counties, see 0008.06.21 (Change in County of Residence).

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