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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 10/2016

Reinstate eligibility which was terminated for failure to provide a complete monthly Household Report Form (HRF) (DHS-2120) (PDF) if:

You get a complete Household Report Form (HRF) in the calendar month after the month the HRF was due.


The unit is otherwise eligible.

Send the unit notice of the benefit amount. See 0026 (Notices).

See TEMP Manual TE02.08.188 (REIN MFIP/Uncle Harry Cases for Late HRF) for instructions for when a HRF is received and processed prior to the 8th of the current month (closing month) and when it is received on or after the 8th of the month. Also see 0007.03.03 (Monthly Reporting Deadlines), 0025 (Benefit Adjustments and Recovery).

Do not prorate benefits or take a new application. See 0022 (Budgeting and Benefit Determination). Do not change the recertification date. See 0009 (Recertification).

If the unit is ineligible, give or send the unit a new closing notice with the appropriate reason code.


No provisions.


Follow MFIP for Uncle Harry Food Support cases that are monthly reporters. In addition, for information on processing a late Combined Six-Month Report (CSR) (DHS-5576) (PDF), see 0007.03.07 (Processing a Late Combined Six-Month Report).


No provisions.

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