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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

Determine what effect the change has for the month of the change and subsequent months. Follow the steps in 0008 (Changes in Circumstances).

Notify the unit of any change in eligibility or benefit amount. If it is reasonable to anticipate ineligibility because of the change, terminate assistance. See 0026 (Notices), 0026.12 (Timing of Notices), 0026.15 (Notice of Denial, Termination, or Suspension).

Receipt of other assistance may affect whether eligibility is affected and when. See 0011.21 (Receipt of Other Assistance).

If changes are not reported timely or not acted upon timely, there may be incorrect payments. For instruction on determining incorrect payment amounts, benefit adjustments, correcting underpayments, and overpayments which result from changes, see the program provisions in 0008.06.01 (Implementing Changes - Program Provisions). Also see 0007 (Reporting), 0022.21 (Income Overpayment Relating to Budget Cycle), 0025 (Benefit Adjustments and Recovery).

Evaluate whether a client's failure to report is fraud related. See 0025.24 (Fraudulently Obtaining Public Assistance).

Processing timelines and requirements vary by type of change, eligibility factor affected, and program. The effective date of a change may also vary for different programs.

See the following sections for instructions on implementing specific changes:


Implementing Changes - Program Provisions.


Change in Basis of Eligibility.


Adding a Person to the Unit - Cash.


Adding a Person to the Unit - SNAP.


Removing a Person from the Unit.


Adding a Person's Income.


Converting a Pregnant Woman Case.


Removing or Recalculating Income.


Change in Participant's Age.


Change in County of Residence

Also see 0024.03 (When Benefits Are Paid - MFIP/DWP), 0024.03.03 (When Benefits Are Paid - SNAP/MSA/GA/GRH), 0024.04 (How Benefits Are Paid).

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