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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2018

A single interview must cover all programs for which the unit is requesting certification or recertification.

The interview may be with 1 or more adults in the unit or the unit's authorized representative. See 0005.06 (Authorized Representatives). If there are no adults in the unit, the interview may be with the primary contact person. See 0005.12.12 (Application Interviews). Units may bring any person they choose to the interview.


Conduct an interview at least once every 12 months. The interview may be conducted by phone, Internet telepresence, or face-to-face in the county office or in another location mutually agreed upon. A participant must be given the option of a phone interview or Internet telepresence to recertify eligibility.

The contents of the interview are the same as for application interviews. See 0005.12.12 (Application Interviews).

At each annual recertification, provide the brochure MFIP for Minor Caregivers (DHS-3238) (PDF) to a unit containing a minor caregiver and child. Re-evaluate and discuss with the caregiver, the living arrangement requirements, exemptions, and procedures. See 0012.06 (Requirements for Caregivers Under 20).

Determine if the caregiver meets eligibility for Family Stabilization Services (FSS). Review FSS criteria with the caregiver.

Provide the Family Violence Referral (DHS-3323) (PDF) to families at each recertification. See 0009.06 (Recertification Process).

Provide Reporting Responsibilities for MFIP Households (DHS-2647) (PDF) to participants at each recertification. Explain the significant change policy. See 0008.06.15 (Removing or Recalculating Income).

Inform participants EBT card cash benefits cannot be used or accessed in any liquor store, casino, gambling casino, gaming establishment, or retail establishment, which provides adult-oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment.


No provisions.


Conduct an interview for all recertifications. There is NO requirement that the interview must be held in the office. If an in-office interview is not done, the county must arrange for a phone interview or a face-to-face interview at a location mutually agreed upon by the county and the client. The contents of the interview are the same as for application interviews.

A face-to-face home interview must be provided when a client requests and meets 1 of the following hardship conditions listed below:


Transportation difficulties.

Care of a household member.

Hardships due to living in a rural area.

Prolonged severe weather.

Work or training hours that prevent the client from participating in an in-office interview.

Other conditions that prevent the client from participating in an in-office interview.

When the client misses a recertification interview, either an in-office interview, a home visit, or a phone interview, send a SPEC/LETR to the client informing him/her of the missed interview and the responsibility to reschedule another interview. A sample SPEC/LETR notice is available in TEMP Manual TE02.05.15 (Notice of Interview/Missed Interview (NOMI)).

Offer an adult parent with children (of any age) in the home or an adult unit member who has parental control over children in the home the right to change the principal wage earner. For the description of principal wage earner, see 0028.03.06 (Determining SNAP Principal Wage Earner).

At the interview ask the client if they understand how to use their EBT card. If additional information is needed send the client How to Use Your Minnesota EBT Card (DHS-3315A) (PDF).


An interview is not required for this program. If the client requests or is receiving another program for which an interview is required, follow the general provisions above.

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