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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 04/2017

All programs require verification of certain information. See 0010.18 (Mandatory Verifications). Verify other information to determine eligibility or a benefit amount if the information the client gives is inconsistent or questionable. See 0010.15 (Verification - Inconsistent Information).

Any form of written or electronic verification is acceptable if it confirms the client’s statement. Do not demand a specific document or form of verification if another is more readily available. Sources of verification include:

Written records or documents. See 0010.06 (Sources of Verification - Documents).

Written or oral statements from people outside assistance units. See 0010.09 (Sources of Verification, Collateral Contacts).

Direct observation at home visits. See 0010.12 (Sources of Verification - Home Visits).

Providing proof is the responsibility of the client. You must help clients who have trouble getting proof. Clients must either provide necessary proof or give their written consent for you to get the information.

When proof is not available despite the efforts of you and the client, get a signed statement from the client attesting to the correctness of the information. See 0010.03 (Verification - Cooperation and Consent) for specifics, including limits on when a signed statement is acceptable. Deny or end assistance to people who refuse or deliberately fail to help verify information.

The date a client verifies a factor of eligibility does not affect the date of eligibility, if the client provides the proof within the application processing period. See 0005 (Applications), 0005.12 (Accepting and Processing Applications), 0005.12.15 (Application Processing Standards), 0022.12.02 (Beginning Date of Eligibility).


Follow general provisions.

Use Signed Personal Statement about Assets for Cash Programs (DHS-6054) (PDF) or Combined Application Form (CAF) (DHS-5223) (PDF) as a signed personal statement to verify countable assets. For a list of countable assets, see 0015.01 (Counted Assets).


Follow general provisions.

See 0010.06 (Sources of Verification - Documents) for when to use verbal statements as verification.

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