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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2018

See 0010.18 (Mandatory Verifications) for mandatory verifications that apply to all programs.


See 0010.18.01 (Mandatory Verifications - Cash Assistance).


Verify the following:

Identity of the applicant and the authorized representative if the authorized representative is applying for the applicant. Identity may be verified through a document, or if a document is not available a collateral contact can be used. In addition it is allowable to use SOLQ-I as verification of identity.

Social Security numbers of all people applying for assistance. See 0010.18.03 (Verifying Social Security Numbers).

Residency in Minnesota, unless verification cannot be obtained because the people are homeless, migrant farmworkers, or newly arrived in Minnesota. A verbal client statement indicating residency in Minnesota meets the verification requirement. Document this verbal statement in CASE/NOTEs. For people in the Safe At Home Program, see 0029.29 (Safe At Home Program).

Cash contributions received from sponsors of immigrants. See 0016.21.03 (Income of Sponsors of LPRs With I-864).

Disability exemption from work registration. See 0010.18.06 (Verifying Disability/Incapacity - SNAP).

Date and reason of employment termination, and date last paid. Verify at the point of employment termination for participants, and for any employment terminated within 60 days of application for applicants. For more information, see 0028.30.09 (Refusing or Terminating Employment).

The number of hours of employment or work program activities for non-exempt able-bodied adults subject to the 3 months in 36 months limit on eligibility. See 0011.24 (Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents) for more information.

The following are non-mandatory verifications. Require verification only IF an applicant/participant wants a deduction from their income for the following:

Housing costs. Verify at application in order to allow the expense as a deduction. Open the case but do NOT allow the housing cost as a deduction if it is NOT verified after allowing 10 days to return requested verification.

During the certification period, verify changes whenever they occur. If a change which is not verified decreases benefits, budget the change and verify at recertification. If a change which is not verified increases benefits, do not budget the change.

At recertification, any change in housing costs needs to be verified to allow the expense as a deduction. Process the recertification but do NOT allow the housing cost as a deduction if it is NOT verified after allowing 10 days to return the requested verification.

Use of the standard utility allowance(s) does not need to be verified, unless there is inconsistent information. See 0010.15 (Verifications – Inconsistent Information).

Property taxes and property insurance. Verify property taxes and property insurance when the unit indicates that there are other expenses in the escrow account that are not allowable housing expenses. See 0018.15 (Shelter Deductions).

Some medical expenses in order to allow the expenses as a deduction. See 0018.12 (Medical Deductions) for when you can allow the expenses and when to require verification.

The amount of a court-ordered child support obligation and the amount of child support actually paid to another household, in order to allow the support as a deduction. See 0018.33 (Child and Spousal Support Deductions).

For processing applications when non-mandatory verifications are not provided at the time of the application interview, see 0005.12.15.01 (Processing SNAP Application Non-Mandatory Verification).

For processing recertifications when non-mandatory verifications are not provided at the time of the recertification interview, see 0009.06.03.03 (Processing SNAP Recertification Non-Mandatory Verification).

Verify school attendance if applicable to the SNAP case. Unless questionable, a verbal statement from the client meets the verification requirement.

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