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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 07/1998

Also see 0010.18.03.03 (Verifying Social Security Numbers - Newborns).

Use the SSA/DHS data exchange to verify Social Security numbers for all people applying for assistance. Enter the client's Social Security number (SSN) and appropriate code on the MAXIS STAT/MEMB panel.

An interface between MAXIS and SSA will verify the Social Security number by entering a validation code on the MAXIS STAT/MEMB panel. If the client information does not match the Social Security number, you will get a DAIL/DAIL message. The message will list the discrepancy for you to clarify. To clarify the information, compare the information on the STAT/MEMB panel to the case file or contact the client for more information.

If the client does not know or have a Social Security number:


Get a completed or partially completed and signed Application for Social Security Number (SS-5) from the client.


Highlight areas on the SS-5 that are not complete.


Enter the MAXIS Person Master Index (PMI) number in the NPN block at the bottom of the SS-5. The MAXIS PMI number for each client is on the STAT/MEMB panel.

2 4 0 (3 digit state code)

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (8-digit PMI number, including zeros added to the beginning of the number as fillers).

For example, if the person number is 12345, the PMI for the SS-5 is: 240-00012345.


Keep a photocopy of the signed SS-5 in the case file.


Tell the client to mail or take the SS-5 form with supporting evidence to the local Social Security Administration office. The client must be able to verify age, identity, and lawful non-citizenship status. The SS-5 form describes acceptable types of supporting evidence.

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