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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2018

These procedures do not apply to incomplete report forms received from people subject to scheduled reporting or at recertification. See 0007.12.03 (What Is a Complete HRF/CSR), 0007.12.06 (Incomplete HRF/CSR), 0009.06 (Recertification Process).


Allow clients a minimum of 10 days to provide requested verification. Do not close the case on the same day you request the verification. Allow clients the full 10 days to return the verifications, even when the due date occurs after 10-day cutoff, unless the closing reason meets criteria outlined in 0026.12.06 (5 Day Notice) or 0026.12.09 (Adequate Notice) or 0026.12. 18 (Cash Cut-off Notice) or 0026.12.21 (Voluntary Request for Closure Notice). The 10 day count begins the day after the date the verification is requested. Indicate the due date on the verification request.

If a client fails to provide the requested verification by the specified due date, issue a 10-day notice of adverse action. The 10-day verification request period and the 10-day notice of adverse action cannot overlap.

When the last day of the 10-day verification request period falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, extend the time period to accept the verification to the next working day.

If the client responds to the verification request with enough information to make a determination about continued eligibility and/or benefit amount, code the relevant STAT panels, and approve eligibility results.

If the client fails to respond to the verification request by the due date, or if their response is incomplete, send a 10-day notice of adverse action to close the case. See TEMP Manual TE19.132 (QTIP #132 10-Day Cutoff/Production Calendar).

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