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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

After the match source agency returns information, MAXIS determines if the person was an applicant or participant during the period the person received the income. Since BEER and UNVI matches cover a full tax year, MAXIS looks at a full 12 months. If the person was an applicant or participant during the period the information covers, MAXIS applies appropriate targeting limits. If the dollar amount of the match is at or above the targeting level, MAXIS produces an "IEVS match". MAXIS then produces a message on the worker's DAIL/DAIL saying there is an IEVS match which requires follow-up. Take the following steps to process an IEVS match:


Review DAIL/DAIL for IEVS messages. IEVS messages state the type of match, the month the match was produced or the month the information is effective, the person matched, and the person's SSN. The match may not be in the same name as the case name. You may not delete IEVS messages. MAXIS automatically deletes the message when you resolve the IEVS match. See 0010.24 (Income and Eligibility Verification System).

MAXIS also produces "INFO" informational messages on BNDX and SDXS/SDXI information available in the INFC function. These are not actual IEVS messages. Delete these messages after you review the information and take appropriate action.


Review match information received from the match source agency in the INFC function of MAXIS. On the INFC panel, enter the person's SSN and the match type to review. In the panel footer, enter the month and year that appeared on the IEVS DAIL message. See 0010.24.06.03 (UNVI Match Report Terms).


Review appropriate STAT panels on MAXIS and the case record if appropriate, and determine if you already knew the match information:

Review all STAT panels for the benefit month the match affects. For UNVI and BEER matches, review each of the 12 benefit months in the tax year. For the participant WAGE run, review each of the 3 benefit months in the quarter the information covers.

EXCEPT BNDX and SDXS/SDXI information, verify match information if there is a discrepancy between the match and information in the case record or on MAXIS. Consider BNDX and SDXS/SDXI match information verified upon receipt unless there is reason to doubt its accuracy.


Navigate to the Verification Log Update (IULA/IULB) panels. See 0010.24.15 (Recording IEVS Resolution Findings).

Record the time spent on the IEVS match. If there is no discrepancy between the case information and the match information, record the results of the IEVS resolution.

If there is a discrepancy in information, initiate an IEVS Difference Notice. See 0026.48 (Notices - IEVS). If your county agency has written procedures allowing fraud investigators to resolve matches, refer the case to fraud instead of sending the IEVS Difference Notice to the client. In this case, do not consider the match resolved until the fraud investigator completes the investigation, tells you of the results, and you have made an eligibility determination based on the information. See 0010.24.27 (IEVS Fraud).

Do not delay case processing, as long as the client is cooperating and is otherwise eligible.


No provisions.

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