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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

After you investigate and resolve an IEVS match, record the results for each match. You may access the Verification Log Update (IULA and IULB panels) from REPT/IEVC, or INFC/IEVP. Refer to 0010.24.06 (Resolving IEVS Matches), TE19.044 (QTIP #44 – REPT/IEVC) for complete instructions on entering IEVS information on MAXIS.

REPT/IEVW and REPT/IEVC have been merged to form a new panel called IEVC with additional sorts.

On IULA, record the number of minutes you spend working on an IEVS match in the area with the heading "MMM".

Under the "ACT" heading, enter an action code for each federal program matched. Use the code that best reflects how you resolved the match.

Complete health insurance information for any match involving earned income.

Complete a brief summary of the match resolution findings at the top of the IULB panel. This summary does not replace routine case documentation completed in case notes.

The information you enter in the Cost, Savings, and Overpayments sections of IULB is used to complete cost benefit analyses of IEVS matches. DHS uses cost benefit data to help determine targeting limits for IEVS matches.

Do not include routine administrative or personnel costs in the Cost section. Include costs incurred when completing the verification process that are more than routine administrative or personnel costs, such as bank statements or employment verification.

Include as savings any benefits you will not issue due to discovering unreported income through the IEVS match. If you knew the information when you determined eligibility, the benefit level would have been lower.

Enter the claim number corresponding to the MFIP or SNAP claim if you set up a claim due to the IEVS match. MAXIS completes the rest of the overpayment section with the type of claim, program, amount, and start and end dates for the claim.

Occasionally you may get an IEVS match identical to the match you received 2 weeks or a month before. If the information is identical in every respect and you have already investigated the 1st match, you need to take very little action on the 2nd match:

For the 1st match, enter the cost, savings, and overpayment information and the appropriate action code.

For the 2nd match, enter action code "BN" for "Already Knew", and explain that you addressed the IEVS match information in the previous match. Do not enter any cost savings or overpayment information on the 2nd match.


No provisions.

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