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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

People must cooperate with the investigation of the IEVS match. Clients have 10 days to respond to the IEVS Difference Notice. See 0026.48 (Notices - IEVS). They must provide proof to confirm or refute the match or sign a release of information form for you to request proof. Do not send the IEVS Difference Notice if a fraud investigator is resolving the match. See 0010.24.06 (Resolving IEVS Matches), 0010.24.27 (IEVS Fraud). It often takes weeks to get a response to a verification request for some types of income. Do not delay case processing if the client has made a reasonable effort to cooperate.

If the client does not respond to the IEVS Difference Notice in 10 days, MAXIS produces a message on the worker's DAIL/DAIL to close or deny the case and to create a disqualification (DISQ) panel. The DISQ panel will create ineligibility for the person with the IEVS match and the entire unit, unless you enter a code stating the person responded to the IEVS Difference Notice. This disqualification is not time limited. See 0014.03 (Determining the Assistance Unit).

Record enough information on the circumstances of the match in case notes to permit pursuing verification of the match upon reapplication.

The DISQ panel causes the person to be ineligible. Do not delete the DISQ panel until the person cooperates to resolve the match. The disqualification of 1 unit member due to IEVS non-cooperation makes the entire unit ineligible.

If the client cooperates before the effective date of the adverse action for non-cooperation:


Continue with the resolution process.



Update the Verification Log Update with the appropriate information and code to replace the non-cooperation code. See 0010.24.15 (Recording IEVS Resolution Findings).

If cooperation occurs after the effective date of the negative action:


Continue with the verification process.


Do not replace the non-cooperation code in the Verification Log Update with another action code.


Document as appropriate in CASE/NOTE.


No provisions.

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