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ISSUE DATE: 02/2018

A fleeing felon is a person (including a minor) who is currently fleeing prosecution, custody, or confinement after being convicted, or charged with a felony. This includes a person who has left, or remains, outside the jurisdiction of the judicial system in which they have been charged or convicted in. The person may or may not admit this in writing on the Combined Application Form (CAF), Combined Application – Addendum (for SNAP (food) and cash assistance programs), or Minnesota Transition Application Form (MTAF). This also applies if the county or state agency has other reliable verified documentation that the client or applicant is a fleeing felon.

A fleeing felon is ineligible for public assistance. Deny or terminate assistance for ONLY the fleeing felon. The remaining unit members may receive assistance if otherwise eligible.

If you learn through the application form or another source, that a household member may fit the criteria for this status, contact your fraud prevention specialist (FPI), so they can work with law enforcement to verify status. If your agency does not have a fraud prevention specialist, a liaison with law enforcement should be designated to verify status. Eligibility staff should not contact the client to confirm status.

Determine if you must count the income and assets of the disqualified person. Follow the current deeming policy. See 0015.48 (Whose Assets to Consider), 0016 (Income From People Not in the Unit).


Follow general provisions.


A fleeing felon:


Has an outstanding warrant for a felony level crime.



Is aware of, or should reasonably have been able to expect, that a warrant has or would have been issued.



Has taken some action to avoid being arrested or jailed.



Is being actively sought by a law enforcement agency.

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