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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

Participants who have verification from their health care provider that the number of hours they may work is limited due to illness or disability may qualify for an MFIP hardship extension as long as they work at least the number of hours specified by the health care provider. This means that someone with a disability who is only able to work 20 hours a week, rather than the 25 hours that is required to qualify for the employed hardship extension, may be extended if they work an average of 20 hours per week.

This extension category is a subset of the employed extension category. All of the criteria and other Employment Services requirements for the “employed” extension category apply to this category. See 0011.33.03 (MFIP Employed Extension Category).

Counties may develop a form for health care providers to use to document a participant’s diagnosis and any functional limitations that limit work hours, or may use Request for Medical Opinion (DHS-2114) (PDF). If using the DHS-2114 form, include a “Yes/No” question that asks whether the participant is following the treatment recommended by the health care provider.

Participants who are extended under this subcategory are required to follow the treatment recommendations of the health care provider that provides this documentation. When a participant is part of a 2-parent assistance unit, the other parent must be treated as a 1-parent assistance unit for purposes of meeting the employed category work requirements. See 0011.33.03 (MFIP Employed Extension Category).

For information on voluntary and involuntary loss of employment, see 0011.33.03 (MFIP Employed Extension Category).


No provisions.

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