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ISSUE DATE: 12/2017

Refer applicants/participants who want help applying for or retaining SSI to the Disability Hub MN, 1-866-333-2466. The Disability Hub MN can refer people to a Social Security advocate in their area. Also see the Social Security Advocacy Directory for a list of all contracted DHS agencies throughout the state who assist individuals applying for federal disability programs.


Advocacy services are available to clients who apply for Social Security benefits.

Encourage clients who may have difficulty with the SSI application process and/or for an appeal to accept help from an SSI advocate. Let clients choose their own service provider whether county staff, a DHS Social Security benefits advocate, or their private arrangement. (SSA will now directly compensate attorneys and certain non-attorney advocates from SSI back payments as they do for RSDI claimants.)

County agencies continue to perform other functions in the interim assistance program, including:

Screen clients for referral to SSA.

Explain the Social Security application process.

Explain the benefits available through Social Security.

Obtain the client’s signature on the SSI Interim Assistance Authorization (DHS-1795) (PDF) and update the STAT/PBEN panel.

Track the progress of the client’s Social Security application.

Provide priority response to Social Security and DHS inquiries regarding the claim.

Convert the client to MSA and MA and make other benefit adjustments as appropriate when the client becomes eligible for SSI.

DHS will tell the county agency of clients who have received GA for 2 years or more for potential Social Security eligibility screening.

MAXIS produces a DAIL/DAIL message alerting you to clients you must screen for referral for a Social Security application.

In screening potential referrals for a Social Security application, look for clients who:

Have an illness, injury or mental condition that will prevent work for 12 months or more or result in death.


Are not required to pursue Social Security benefits under their current GA basis of eligibility but may also have another basis of eligibility that does require a Social Security referral.


Have had a change in circumstances that indicates possible Social Security benefits eligibility including having received GA for more than 6 months with little or no change in their condition.

Social Security advocates will:

Help clients set up appointments, complete application forms and cooperate with Social Security procedures, requirements, etc.

Help with necessary transportation.

Help assess their disability in relation to Social Security benefits eligibility and identify possible issues that may come up in the eligibility determination process.

Provide available medical or vocational evidence, social history, or expert testimony to substantiate blindness or disability.

Help them get and use medical or vocational evidence, social history or expert testimony.

Prepare for and represent clients at interviews, hearings and appeals on the Social Security benefits eligibility determination.


No provisions.


MSA clients must already be SSI eligible or would be except for excess income. SSI advocacy services are available to retain SSI when SSA proposes cessation of benefits.

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