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ISSUE DATE: 08/2015

The purposes of determining disability vary by program. Clients may appeal disability determinations.


For information on the ill/incapacitated category, see 0010.18.05 (Verifying Disability/Incapacity - Cash). Also see 0028 (Employment Services) for Employment Services requirements on disability determinations.


Units with permanently disabled clients qualify for special medical deductions, shelter deductions, exclusion from the gross income test, and the choice of certification as separate units. See 0014.03.06 (Determining the SNAP Unit), 0018.12 (Medical Deductions), 0018.15 (Shelter Deductions), 0019.09 (GIT for Separate Elderly Disabled Units).

Clients who do not cooperate with verifying disability cannot use the special deductions, separate household option, or gross income test exclusion. See 0010.18.06 (Verifying Disability/Incapacity - SNAP).

Disability may also affect able-bodied adult status. See 0011.24 (Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents).


Disability as a basis of eligibility requires proof. See 0010.18.05 (Verifying Disability/Incapacity - Cash), 0012.15.06 (State Medical Review Team (SMRT)), 0013.09.09 (MSA Basis - Disabled Age 18 and Older).

Normally, use an SSA disability determination. When there is no eligibility for SSA because a disabled client has excess income for SSI and not enough quarters for RSDI, the SMRT makes the disability decision.


The county agency should make this determination EXCEPT in cases of undocumented and non-immigrant people who are blind or disabled. In those cases, refer the determination to SMRT. Include current objective medical information describing the applicant's disability.

Some bases of eligibility require PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION of a temporary or permanent disability, see PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION in 0002.51 (Glossary: Professional...). Also see 0010.18.05 (Verifying Disability/Incapacity - Cash), 0013.15 (GA Bases of Eligibility). Deny or terminate eligibility if clients do not cooperate with the process and no other basis of eligibility exists.


Follow MSA for aged, blind, and disabled participants. Follow GA for all other adults.

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