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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

Parents of minor children not living with the unit must provide financial support. Caregivers must give all pertinent information available to identify, locate, and determine contribution amounts from non-custodial parents. Do NOT make a Child Support Referral for a married parent who is called to military duty away from home when there is no breakdown in the marital relationship.

A non-custodial parent’s refusal to help or provide support does not affect the unit’s benefit level or eligibility. See 0012.21.03 (Support From Non-Custodial Parents) for information on getting support from non-custodial parents. Also see 0025.30 (Financial Responsibility, People Not in Home).

When notified by IV-D that a caregiver with children has failed to cooperate, begin the sanction process. See 0012.24 (Child Support Sanctions).

Determine if the participant qualifies for a good cause exemption for non-compliance with child support requirements. Give the participant the Cooperation with Child Support Enforcement (DHS-2338) (PDF). Do not sanction the case if the participant claims good cause; he/she is considered to be cooperating with child support during the period (20 or more days) it takes to verify the good cause claim. See 0012.21.06 (Child Support Good Cause Exemptions).

Non-cooperation with IV-D requirements also results in loss of child care benefits. Notify the Child Care Assistance worker of the non-cooperation if the caregiver is receiving MFIP Child Care Assistance.


Follow MFIP, EXCEPT when notified by IV-D that the caregiver with children is not cooperating, close the case. There are no sanction or vendoring provisions in DWP.


No provisions.


Parents of minors continue to have an obligation to provide financial support even if they do not live with them. Request repayment from those parents of benefits paid to the unit. The parent’s refusal to cooperate or to contribute does not affect the unit’s eligibility.

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