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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

People applying for some programs must have a basis of eligibility for that program.

The SNAP Program does not require people to have a basis of eligibility. Some units with SSI recipients and GA participants may be categorically eligible for SNAP. See 0013.06 (SNAP Categorical Eligibility/Ineligibility).

People have a basis of eligibility for assistance if they fit into an eligibility category targeted by a program. In addition to having a basis of eligibility, people must meet all other eligibility requirements in order to receive benefits.

Determine if people have a basis of eligibility for each program for which they apply. When people lose 1 basis of eligibility, determine if they have another basis of eligibility without requiring them to reapply. See 0007 (Reporting), 0008.06.03 (Change in Basis of Eligibility).

For information on SSI recipients, see 1619A SOCIAL SECURITY ACT and 1619B SOCIAL SECURITY ACT in 0002.01 (Glossary: 1619A...) and SSI RECIPIENT in 0002.63 (Glossary: Special Diet...).

For MFIP, see 0013.03 (MFIP Bases of Eligibility).

For DWP, see 0013.05 (DWP Bases of Eligibility).

For MSA, see 0013.09 (MSA Bases of Eligibility).

For GA, see 0013.15 (GA Bases of Eligibility).

For GRH, see 0013.18 (GRH Bases of Eligibility).

For Emergency Assistance and Emergency GA, basis of eligibility criteria vary. See 0004.03 (Emergency Aid Eligibility - Cash Assistance) and 0004.04 (Emergency Aid Eligibility - SNAP/Expedited Food).

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