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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2016

All families have a basis of eligibility for MFIP and may apply. MFIP defines a family as a minor child or a group of minor children related to each other as siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings, or adopted siblings, along with their birth, step- or adoptive parent(s) or other caregiver(s). For information as to who is eligible for state-funded MFIP, see 0013.03.06 (MFIP Basis - State-Funded Cash Portion). See CAREGIVER in 0002.09 (Glossary: Calendar Month...) and MINOR CHILD in 0002.41 (Glossary: Medically Necessary...). For specific information on who is in the assistance unit, see 0014 (Assistance Units).

Families also include:

A pregnant woman who is not a minor and has no other eligible children and her spouse, if living with her. See 0013.03.03 (Pregnant Woman Basis – MFIP/DWP).


A minor caregiver's parent(s) who has no other minor children. See 0014.03.03 (Determining the Cash Assistance Unit).


A minor caregiver and child.

People who get MFIP may also be eligible for health care. See the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual.

If certain conditions are met, the unit may also be eligible for SNAP without requiring a new application. See 0005.09.06 (When Not to Require Completion of an Application), TEMP Manual TE02.08.143 (Food Support When MFIP Is Closed).


No provisions.

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