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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2016

No provisions.


People age 18 or older have a basis of eligibility for GA if they meet the requirements in 1 of the following categories:

Permanent illness. See 0013.15.03 (GA Basis - Permanent Illness).

Temporary illness. See 0013.15.06 (GA Basis - Temporary Illness).

Needed in the home to care for another person. See 0013.15.09 (GA Basis - Caring for Another Person).

Placement in a Facility. See 0011.21 (Receipt of Other Assistance), 0013.15.12 (GA Basis – Placement in a Facility).

Unemployable. See 0013.15.18 (GA Basis - Unemployable).

Medically certified as having developmental disabilities or mental illness. See 0013.15.24 (GA Basis - DD/MI).

Have an application or an appeal pending for Social Security Disability or SSI. See 0013.15.27 (GA Basis, SSD/SSI Application/Appeal Pending).

Advanced age. See 0013.15.30 (GA Basis - Advanced Age).

Full-time student eligible for displaced homemaker services. See 0013.15.33 (GA Basis - Displaced Homemakers).

Performing court-ordered services. See 0013.15.39 (GA Basis - Performing Court Ordered Services).

Learning disabled. See 0013.15.42 (GA Basis - Learning Disabled).

High school students age 18 and older whose primary language is not English. See 0013.15.48 (GA Basis - English Not Primary Language).

Drug/alcohol addiction. See 0013.15.54 (GA Basis - Drug/Alcohol Addiction).

People under age 18 who are emancipated or at least age 16 have a basis of eligibility for GA if they are not pregnant and not living with parent, stepparent, or legal guardian. See 0013.15.51 (GA Basis - People Under Age 18).

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