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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 03/2018

No provisions.


People with drug or alcohol addiction have a basis of eligibility for GA when addiction is a material factor that prevents them from getting and keeping suitable employment. A licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner must verify that the client's disabling condition is the result of continued drug or alcohol addiction. See 0011.39 (Qualified Professionals). Use the Request for Medical Opinion (DHS-2114) (PDF).

Follow the procedures in 0012.30 (Chemical Use Assessment) to determine if a client should be evaluated for chemical dependency.

GA benefits issued for clients with drug or alcohol addiction are subject to vendor payment for shelter and utility costs. This does NOT apply to the GA personal needs allowance. After vendor paying the shelter and utilities, issue the remainder of the benefits to the client. See 0024.09 (Protective and Vendor Payments), 0024.09.12 (Payments After Chemical Use Assessment). See Temp Manual TE13.015 (DA&A GA Basis of Eligibility) for MAXIS instructions to set up vendoring.

Review this basis of eligibility at each recertification.

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