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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 01/2015

All units consist of people who live together. Groups of people who live together may constitute 1 unit or more than 1 unit for each program. Apply the rules below to determine the units.

Also see 0014.06 (Who Must Be Excluded From Assistance Unit) for people who must be excluded from the unit because they are not eligible or are disqualified due to non-cooperation with a program procedure.

People may remain part of a unit while physically absent under certain conditions. See 0014.09 (Assistance Units - Temporary Absence).

To determine who to include in an MFIP, DWP, MSA, GA, or GRH unit, see 0014.03.03 (Determining the Cash Assistance Unit).

To determine who to include in a SNAP unit, see 0014.03.06 (Determining the SNAP Unit).

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