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ISSUE DATE: 06/2016

All programs allow clients to own or have available a limited amount of assets and still be eligible for assistance. Count the value of countable assets that are available and not explicitly excluded. See: 0015.03 (Asset Limits). Also see the following sections:


Asset Limits


Counted Assets.


Availability of Assets.


Assets - Income.


Assets - Payments Under Federal Law.


Assets - Vehicle Exclusions.

Count assets of clients or units. See 0015.48 (Whose Assets to Consider) for a list of other people whose assets count. For information on assets of SNAP units, see 0013.06 (SNAP Categorical Eligibility/Ineligibility), 0015.03 (Asset Limits).

In some programs there are special methods for computing the counted values of some assets. See:


Assets - Vehicle Exclusions.


Evaluation of Vehicles.


Evaluation of Lump Sums.


Evaluation of Pension and Retirement Plans.

Clients are allowed to reduce assets to attain or retain eligibility for programs only by specific methods and within specific limits. See 0015.69 (Asset Transfers).

In some cases, it is possible to waive rules governing retention of assets because of hardship or special program considerations. See 0015.78 (Waivers of Asset Rules). However, in most situations, terminate or deny eligibility if clients do not reduce net countable assets in excess of the limits by allowable means within specified time limits. See 0015.72 (Excess Assets - Applicants), 0015.75 (Excess Assets - Participants).

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