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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

Assets are available if a client has both legal authority and actual ability to use them for self-support.

When a client owns an asset in whole or in part, presume the asset is wholly available unless the client proves it is not. A client may prove unavailability by verifying a legal or actual barrier to disposal of the asset that cannot reasonably be overcome. If a client claims a legal barrier and its status is unclear, refer the case to your county attorney for a legal opinion on availability.

Review unavailability at each recertification and when you anticipate a change in availability.

See 0015.06.03 (Availability of Assets With Multiple Owners) for treatment of ownership by more than 1 person.

See 0015.06.06 (Availability of Trusts) for information specific to trusts.

See 0015.48.03 (Whose Assets to Consider – Sponsors W/ I-864), 0015.48.06 (Whose Assets to Consider – Sponsors W/ I-134) for information on treatment of the assets of a sponsor and the sponsor's spouse when there is an executed affidavit of support for a non-citizen in the assistance unit.


Follow general provisions.


The SNAP program does not require clients to apply for potentially available assets/income as a condition of eligibility. See 0012.12 (Applying for Other Benefits).

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