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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 03/2017

Do not count income as an asset during the month the client receives it. Income retained into the next month loses that exclusion with the specific EXCEPTIONS listed below.

Do not count payments made to people because of their status as victims of Nazi persecution. This includes reparation payments the Federal Republic of Germany makes to certain survivors of the Holocaust. They may be monthly payments or lump sum payments.

Exclude 1-time payments made to certain World War II veterans or their surviving spouse under the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation (FVEC) Fund. For information about the treatment of these payments as income, see 0017.06 (Excluded Income).

For information on how to treat lump sums, see 0015.60 (Evaluation of Lump Sums), 0022.15 (Counting Lump Sums as Income).

See 0015.30 (Assets - Payments Under Federal Law), for payments made by federal agencies under a presidential declaration of disaster.

Distributions from an ABLE account are not an asset if used to pay for a qualified disability expense. See 0017.15.32 (ABLE Accounts).


Follow general provisions.


Exclude HUD retroactive tax and utility payments issued under the settlement of Underwood v. Harris for the month the client receives the payment and the next month.

Exclude disaster relief funds paid by state and local governments and disaster relief groups such as Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Exclude federal and state tax refunds as income. See 0015.72 (Excess Assets – Applicants), 0015.75 (Excess Assets – Participants).

Exclude federal, state, or local Earned Income Credit (EIC) income as an asset for up to 12 months after the date the client receives it. The client must have been a SNAP participant when he/she received the credit(s) and must continue as a SNAP participant for the 12-month exclusion period. The exclusion ends if there is a break in SNAP participation of even 1 day.

Exclude the value of gift cards.

Exclude the value of food support benefits in the client’s EBT account.

Exclude resources prorated as income.

Exclude gate money received by an applicant/recipient released from a penal institution. Also see 0017.06 (Excluded Income).

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