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ISSUE DATE: 11/2018

For deeming assets of sponsors who executed the I-864, see 0015.48.03 (Whose Assets to Consider - Sponsors W/ I-864).

Follow 0015.48.06 (Whose Assets to Consider- Sponsors W/ I-134) for deeming assets of sponsors who executed the I-134.

Consider the assets of ALL clients or members of the assistance unit, and people listed below who are NOT in the unit, when determining total available assets.


Count the assets of the following people:

Mandatory unit members who are disqualified. See 0014.06 (Who Must Be Excluded From Assistance Unit).

Parents and stepparents not in the unit when determining eligibility for their birth and adopted minor children who live with them. This does not apply when the parent is a participant of MSA, SSI, or when the child is a minor caregiver.

Ineligible mandatory unit members.

Do NOT count the assets of optional unit members who choose not to participate. Also, do NOT deem the sponsor’s income if the sponsor is part the immigrant’s assistance unit. Consider the sponsor’s income as you would any other member of the assistance unit.

Do NOT count the individually owned assets of a military person out of the home on active duty unless they are made available to the family. For jointly owned assets, see 0015.06.03 (Availability of Assets With Multiple Owners). Also see TEMP Manual TE02.10.90 (Military Families Receiving FS or Family Cash).

When the parent who normally resides with the family is living and working away from the home (or the family) and there is no marital or relationship breakdown, consider that parent a mandatory unit member. When a parent does not live in Minnesota he/she is considered an ineligible mandatory unit member because the parent is not physically present in Minnesota. Count total assets of all unit members, including the members away from the family, when determining the unit’s eligibility and benefit level. For information on counting income, see 0016 (Income From People not in the Unit). This is not considered temporary absence.


SNAP has no asset test.


Consider the assets of a spouse when the spouses live together.

Do not count the assets of parents of certain blind children who are eligible for a personal needs allowance. See 0020.24 (Personal Needs Allowance).

Consider the assets of the parent(s) or spouse of the parent of any other minor child, if the child lives with the parent(s) or the parent's spouse.


Consider the assets of:

Spouses who live together. When determining eligibility for adults who are childless and unmarried or living apart from their children or spouses, consider the assets of parents who live with them unless the parents are SSI recipients or MSA participants.

People disqualified from the unit for failure to provide or apply for a Social Security number (SSN). See 0012.03 (Providing/Applying for an SSN).


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients. Follow GA for all other adults.

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