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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 06/2016

Count the trade-in value of any vehicle not excluded under 0015.39 (Assets - Vehicle Exclusions). The trade-in value is the Average Trade-In value listed in the current NADA online car values and car prices guide.

If the car is not listed in the current NADA online guide or the applicant or participant disputes the trade-in value listed in the current NADA online guide, a written statement of a vehicle's trade-in value from a car dealer licensed in Minnesota must be accepted from the client.

If there is a cost in securing a written statement, the county must reimburse the client. Do not require a written statement if it will not affect the client’s eligibility.

For procedures on completing the asset panels in MAXIS, see TEMP Manual TE02.10.31 (Jointly Owned Assets).

See VEHICLES in 0002.71 (Glossary: Two Party...), 0015.06 (Availability of Assets), 0015.39 (Assets - Vehicle Exclusions).


Follow general provisions.


SNAP has no asset test.


For SSI recipients, no county action required.

For non-SSI recipients, follow GA.


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients. Follow GA for all other adults.

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