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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 05/2017

No provisions.


For information on income from stepparents, see 0016.09 (Income From Ineligible Stepparents).

The following people may have some of their parents' income considered available to them:

Unmarried adults who are childless or live apart from their children, but who are living with a parent(s).

Married people (regardless of age) living apart from their spouse and children, but living with a parent(s).

To determine how much of the parents’ income to deem to the GA unit:


Determine the gross earned and unearned income of the parents.

Do not count any income of a parent who is ineligible for GA due to eligibility for MFIP, RCA, SSI, or MSA unless the parent allocated income under these programs to meet the needs of the GA unit member.

To determine if the parent has allocated income to the GA unit, refer to the parent’s MFIP, RCA, SSI, or MSA budget calculation. For MFIP, follow the provisions of 0018.30 (Allocations) to determine the amount of allocation from the parent’s income for the GA unit members.

Count the amount allocated for the GA unit member as the parent’s income.


Do not count SSI, MSA, and RSDI benefits. Also do not count payments from workers’ compensation and any programs based on disability.


Subtract earned income disregards if appropriate. See 0018.18 (Earned Income Disregards).


Deduct an allowance for the needs of the following people, if they are living with the unit and not applying for or receiving MFIP:


Parent's spouse.

Minor children of parent and parent's spouse.

Use the GA allowances below for the appropriate family members:

1st adult


2nd adult


1st minor child


2nd minor child


3rd minor child


4th minor child


5th minor child


6th minor child


7th minor child


8th minor child


9th minor child


10th minor child


Each add'l minor child



Count the remainder as unearned income to the single adult unit. If there are 2 or more adult children eligible for GA, divide the income equally among them.

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