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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 07/2004

Some income types are considered earned or unearned for all programs.

Generally, earned income is income from employment or employment-related activities. See EARNED INCOME in 0002.19 (Glossary: Early...). Also see 0017.12.06 (Earned Income).

Generally, unearned income is income the client receives without being required to perform any labor or service as a condition of receiving the income. See UNEARNED INCOME in 0002.71 (Glossary: Two Party...). Also see 0017.12.03 (Unearned Income).

Determine whether the earned or unearned income is excluded. See 0017.06 (Excluded Income).

Some types of income may be treated differently for each program. See 0017.15 (Specific Types of Income).

When determining net income, different disregards apply to earned and unearned income. See 0018 (Determining Net Income).

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