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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 03/2017

Income is infrequent or irregular if it is not possible to anticipate receiving it.

Cash given directly to the client by people or organizations whose income is considered available to the client, or who must make a relative contribution, is not infrequent, irregular income. Consider it part of the counted contribution. See 0016 (Income From People Not in the Unit), 0012.21 (Responsible Relatives Not in the Home).


For infrequent, irregular income follow 0017.01 (Non-Recurring Income).


Follow MFIP. After the initial DWP determination, do not count any unanticipated income the unit may receive.


Exclude $30 or less per unit per calendar quarter if it is too infrequent or irregular to be anticipated. This exclusion does not apply to Uncle Harry Food Support cases budgeted retrospectively.

Exclude up to $300 per calendar quarter in cash donations from private non-profit charitable organizations if they are based on the unit's need.

For information on how to treat resettlement grants, see 0030.01 (Local Resettlement Agencies).


For SSI recipients, no county action required.

For non-SSI recipients, follow GA.


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients.

Follow GA for all other adults.

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