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ISSUE DATE: 10/2016

Gross RSDI is the total amount of RSDI a client is entitled to before the deduction (if any) of Medicare premiums. Not all documents from the Social Security Administration (SSA) report gross RSDI. The following are SSA documents and interfaces you can use to determine and verify the amount of gross RSDI. Do not require clients to provide a specific document if another is available which provides the information.

Initial award letter (SSA-4926-SM). This lists gross RSDI, the Medicare premium, and the monthly payment (net RSDI) to the client. The gross amount is the figure described as "The total amount of your monthly benefit before deductions".

SVES interface on MAXIS. See TEMP Manual TE02.12.13 (SVES TPQY Interface).

State Online Query (SOLQ), SSA’s online data exchange. See the SOLQ User Manual on the MAXIS SIR web site under the SSA County DHS Quarterly Meeting Site.

Some documents report gross RSDI as a whole dollar figure. Others report the figure in dollars and cents. Count only the whole dollar figure as gross RSDI; drop any cents.

Other SSA documents report only the payment to the client and the Medicare premium. Do not add these figures together to calculate gross RSDI. Because the client payment amount is truncated, adding the figures together may not yield the correct amount of gross RSDI.

Also see 0017.12.03 (Unearned Income).

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