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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 02/2016

There is no separate work expense deduction. See earned income disregards in 0018.18 (Earned Income Disregards).


For information about the SNAP earned income disregard, see 0018.18 (Earned Income Disregards).


For SSI recipients no county action required.

For non-SSI recipients, due to excess income:

For clients eligible for MSA because of age:

Do not allow work expense deductions. Blind or disabled clients who received work expense deductions before the age of 65 do not lose those deductions when they turn 65.

For clients eligible for MSA because of a disability other than blindness:

Allow only IMPAIRMENT RELATED work expenses as a deduction from earned income. The client must reasonably show the expenses relate directly to the disability and are necessary to produce the earned income. See 0018.13 (Transportation Expense).

For clients eligible for MSA because of blindness:

Allow any work expense as a deduction when a client can reasonably show it relates directly to producing earned income. See 0018.13 (Transportation Expense)..

Do not allow work expense deductions for items reimbursable or paid for by another source.


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients. Do not allow a work expense deduction if the client receives SSI. Follow GA for all other adults.

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