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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2018

No provisions.


The standard of need for a person who lives in a Group Residential Housing (GRH) setting is the sum of:

The GRH Housing Rate (also known as the MSA equivalent rate, Room and Board, Base Rate, or Rate 1).


The Supplementary Service Rate for the setting for which the person is eligible, or the Difficulty of Care (DOC) rate for the person (if any).

Effective 7-1-18, the maximum monthly GRH Housing Rate is $904. Counties may negotiate a different rate, not to exceed the maximum.

Effective 7-1-13, the maximum Supplementary Service Rate is $482.84 and the maximum DOC rate is $482.84. You may find some GRH facilities with higher amounts; these EXCEPTIONS are due to legislative actions.

The current GRH Housing Rate (Rate 1) and Supplementary Service Rate are shown on the MAXIS VND2 panel. The DOC rate is determined by county social services and for current GRH participants can be found on the FACI panel. The GRH Supplementary Service Rate and DOC rate are subject to the statutory maximum and may only be used to pay for services otherwise not eligible for payment by a waiver on behalf of the client.

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