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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 01/2018

No provisions.


An allowance of up to $70 per month per DWP unit member to pay for expenses such as household products and personal products. See 0022.12 (How to Calc. Benefit Level - MFIP/DWP/GA).


The personal needs allowance is $99. Consider this allowance as the standard of need for MSA clients who meet 1 of the criteria listed below. Also see 0020.21 (MSA Assistance Standards).

Clients in medical facilities where MA pays the cost of care.

SSI recipients who receive the $30 Federal Benefit Rate for federal living arrangement D, see 0029.06.03 (Supplemental Security Income Program).

Blind children who meet all the following requirements:


They live with their parents and would be ineligible for SSI or their SSI would be less if their parents' income or assets were counted.



They previously received a personal needs allowance from SSI when they were in a Title XIX (Medicaid) facility.



They receive MA under 1 of the following programs: TEFRA Option, Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver, Community Alternative Care (CAC), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). See the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual for information on these programs.


The personal needs allowance is $99 for clients in licensed residential facilities provided this need is not otherwise met.


The personal needs allowance is $99. Allow the $99 as a deduction from net income before calculating the GRH payment. For clients who have insufficient income, it may be paid from GA.

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