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ISSUE DATE: 06/2018

See SNAP provisions. For households whose MFIP is ending and which contain an Uncle Harry Food Support unit, see TEMP Manual TE02.08.143 (Food Support When MFIP is Closed).


No provisions.


Some non-MFIP members of an MFIP unit may be able to get SNAP only. These cases are commonly known as Uncle Harry Food Support (UHFS) units. There are special rules for determining their SNAP benefits. See 0002.71 (Glossary: Two Party…).

To determine the amount of SNAP to issue to eligible UHFS units:


Determine the composition of the SNAP unit, following the SNAP provisions in 0014 (Assistance Units).


Exclude from the SNAP unit all current MFIP unit members, including optional MFIP unit members who have chosen to be on MFIP and people disqualified for MFIP fraud. The remaining members constitute the Uncle Harry Food Support (UHFS) unit.


Allow the unit at least the maximum shelter deduction when you compute SNAP benefits for the UHFS unit. If any member of the UHFS unit is eligible for an uncapped shelter deduction, and is responsible to pay shelter costs, allow the uncapped deduction if higher than the maximum shelter deduction. To compute the uncapped deduction, allow the full cost of the shelter expenses; do NOT prorate. Do not consider income or expenses of any MFIP unit members. If the Uncle Harry unit shares responsibility for a shelter expense with the MFIP unit, allow the full cost of the expense. See 0018.15 (Shelter Deductions).


The UHFS unit must pass the gross and net income tests, see 0019 (Gross Income Test), 0020 (Net Income Limits). MAXIS will calculate the SNAP allotment for the UHFS unit. The Uncle Harry allotment will be 75% of the stand-alone SNAP allotment or $15, whichever is more.

MFIP unit members who are disqualified for fraud or non-compliance with SNAP quality control may NOT get SNAP only.

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